Estonia, Tallinn

Important details of _Mr_-

Height5'7" - 5'9" [170cm - 175cm]
Weight160 - 180 lbs [70 - 80 kg]
What makes me horny
Beautyful ,inteligent women.
About me
Dumb-ass, with a capital D. I must be ,i guess..
What turns me off
Rude , bitchi women. Stupidity is the biggest turn off.
Comments (4)
It's just you and me in here...Thank you for the last surprises. I'm giving you 5 stars, still...
Good b...! thank you so much, again, for everything.Good night J:*
YOU WERE, YOU ARE AND YOU'LL BE AN AMAZING MAN AND AN AMAZING SOUL FOR ME. It doesnt matter what happened or what it will happen, if it will happen, you're simply amazing...for everything...
by yourself. I don't have words to describe how you made me feel.. like never and I will never ever compare myself with you.. You're so good at spoiling me, at thinking about me (i think), at making me laugh, at making me smile and feel like no other.. you're just amazing and you worth 100000000 Julia's..
I don't want to go back where we left so that's why.. please don't write to me.. Be back or I will be back when we both have time and we are commited to this. I have NO WORDS TO THANK YOU!
I wanted to write here... because here is where everything started and I know that this is not the perfect spot to talk and to put our souls but.. who and what is perfect? I got your gift and I didn t want to ruin your state of mind, your rutine that you formed without me so that's why I prefered to wrote you here... but I saw that you've been online.. And trust me, I struggled with this thought on 22 also.. Anyway, this is another story that maybe one day I will show you or you'll see it by